By Seth Otto, NetHope | March 30, 2021

Every single one of us has a purpose driver. However, many of us get subsumed with our careers, and we don’t focus enough on ourselves to discover the value we can bring and add to the world. We get focused on the growth mindset, which is self-growth, self-improvement, which then…

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Purpose Mindset is the Light to Overcome this Extraordinary Pandemic Year

By Akhtar Badshah, Guest Article for Techonomy | March 18, 2021

2020 will go down as a year that brought out the best and the worst in each one of us. The year has thrown one challenge after another at us – from the COVID-19 pandemic to the widespread racial unrest and protests to the heated political divisiveness of the latest…

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Developing a ‘Purpose Mindset’: How Microsoft’s Employee Giving Efforts Are Impacting the Company – and the World

By Next Billion | February 18, 2021

Most people know the story of how Microsoft revolutionized the world of technology. But fewer know the story of how Microsoft has created the “great giving machine,” in which employees give their time, talent and treasure in support of causes around the world. In my new book, “Purpose Mindset: How…

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Patti Payne: New book ‘Purpose Mindset’ recounts how Microsoft employees think big

By Patti Payne, Puget Sound Business Journal | February 5, 2021

Badshah, who headed Microsoft philanthropy for 10 years and oversaw more than $5 billion in donations, recounts in his book how employees think big about creating movements that lift lives globally … Read More

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Book Excerpt: How Microsoft leverages employee giving to build a culture of purpose

By Akhtar Badshah, Book Excerpt for Geekwire | November 18, 2020

Entrepreneurs have a singular focus—create a great company and make sure the company survives, thrives, and grows. Philanthropy and giving back to the community are not necessarily a priority when the company is young and still on its growth trajectory—especially not in the 1980s. That is why it’s important to…

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Developing A Purpose Mindset In Philanthropy: Microsoft Alum Share How

By Giving Compass | November 12, 2020

As a global community, we have become reasonably adept at describing the need for change “out there” in the world. But we are not so good at addressing the change that also needs to happen within us. What shifts in our beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions are necessary to bring out…

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Creating Purpose During the Pandemic – Moving from “Me” to “We”

By Akhtar Badshah, Guest Article for CHC Impact | August 3, 2020

The year 2020 has been like no other.  I am looking out of my window seeing blue skies and blue water in the Pacific Northwest.  The world looks peaceful and calm.   However, underneath the surface, our world has been rocked by a pandemic that still rages and the movement for…

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Help your employees find purpose—or watch them leave

By McKinsey & Company | April 5, 2021

If the tumult of 2020 has prompted your organization or leadership team to reconsider people priorities such as employee well-being, resilience, or purpose, then you’re in good company. Your employees are…